A Safe and Simple Way to Earn a Profit From the Cryptocurrency Market. You can start earning today with our Masternode/PoS coin – MARC. Get started right now! Be part of this innovation for maximizing profit.

Cryptocurrency & Arbitrage Platform

We’ve built a coin that generates its own profit

In the Crypto world, you can make profit by starting masternode to help cryptocurrency stay private and secure. In MARC we also give you the opportunity to generate profit by investing in Arbitrage.

Whereas, existing platforms offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team have made a hallmark in building a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product based on private blockchain. It includes easy to use cryptocurrency coin and market arbitrage platform.

MARC is a distinct arbitrage system which will trade on many exchanges with swift and smart trading strategies. It is designed to facilitate crypto trading based on leading algorithms developed in-house to give you optimal profit as well as minimizing the risk.

benefits of arbitrage platform

Competitive Advantage

We are genuine  – our product is transparent, intelligent and efficient.

Automated arbitrage system

Intelligent arbitrage system that will trade according to market-neutral trading strategies.

Arbitrage opportunities

All arbitrage opportunities in one place – view the best arbitrage path with fee calculations.

Strategy transparency

We believe that transparency breeds success. That’s why we provide a public view of our arbitrage analytics.



  • COIN NAME Market Arbitrage Coin
  • CONSENSUS PoS/MasterNode
  • BLOCK TIME ~60 sec
  • PREMINE 200,000 (~0.95%)
  • POS AGE 120 min
  • MN RATE 90%

The Timeline

With help from our team, contributors and investors, these are the milestones we are working to achieve.

User Portal & WEB Wallet

Invest in MARC with easy to use portal

All features are Incorporated in one place.  Efficient and simple user’s portal for investing and managing all kinds of cryptocurrency.

  • Send to Invest – Sending funds from WEB Wallet is the preferred way to fund your MARC’s investment wallet
  • Fund Wallet – Exchange – P2P and other feature options will deposit to the User’s Portal Wallet
  • HODL – Place to store your MARC
  • Auto Re-invest Option – Maximize your returns with auto reinvest and start earning compounding returns
  • Auto Net Return – Auto net option allows you to set a date to automatically lock in returns and have them deposited to your User Portal
  • View Profit – View all information about your investment from this portal including current and projected return balance
Coin emission diagram

Efective distribution

We are confident that the coins emission according to the project development plan will help keep interest in the coin at the proper level throughout the entire period. Each stage – 20k blocks in blockchain.

  • Stage 0-8 – a fast growing stage for increasing ROI and attracting investors’ attention.
  • Stage 9-12 – smooth decrease in emission growth for the transition to the arbitrage platform launch.
  • Stage 13-28 –  emission decrease in the period of product formation and transition to the stable earnings on arbitrage.
  • Stage 29-51 – Emission slowdown at the moment of implementation project key features (arbitration DEX-CEX, selection of the key (basic) arbitrage currency).
  • Stage 52-last block – 7.5 coin / block – the final stage where the benefit of keeping a node competes with the benefit of an investment in arbitration.

Return of Investment

A choice between masternode and arbitrage investment.

As our project grows, the number of masternodes on our network will increase, which will lead to a reduction in the reward to each node holder. When the Arbitrage Platform is launched, everyone will be able to choose whether to hold a masternode or to invest in arbitrage. The best choice is to do both!

* synthetic data:
  • 60% coins locked in masternodes
  • 1 MARC = 1 USD
First Arbitrage Target